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Improve your posture, strengthen weak muscles around your core and enjoy massively improved body alignment.

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No Machines! No Mirrors! and No Egos!

Looking for a gym? For fitness? Monkey Bar Gym is located in Pointe-Claire, in the West-Island of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Monkey Bar Gym was founded by Jon Hinds as a means to create a revolution in the fitness industry and the way we look at health. We use the following methods of training and approaches to life in general: Full-body workouts, natural training, bodyweight training, functional fitness, kettlebells, sandbags, resistance cables, Eischens yoga, yoga, plant-based nutrition, and pursuing true health for you and the planet.

We love to run, jump, crawl, and climb; we love chin-ups, pull-ups, box jumps, burpees :) ,high-intensity intervals, and moving in every way our bodies were designed to move. We look to nature for the way we train, the way we recover and the way we eat. “Train like a gorilla, chill like a gorilla, eat like a gorilla” We eat a plant-based diet and train movement skills and we recover with joint mobility, range of motion, and yoga…did we mention how much we like burpees?!

Challenge yourself to get FIT & LEAN and feel fantastic. A Full-Body Training Plan, Empowered Nutrition and a balanced body. With trainer support, you will get shopping list recommendations, a list of what to have/not have in your pantry, simple, delicious recipes, an easy to follow meal plan, a before and after weight, body fat, and lean body mass analysis, valuable practice in partner-feedback Eischens yoga to uncover week areas in your body and activate them for better alignment and injury prevention, and of course full-body metabolism-boosting, fat-burning workouts!!

Set the bar high and we will help you reach it! RESULTS FOR REAL!
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"Sweaty bliss! ...a step forward in the ever-changing world of fitness
Jenna Wolfe, Today Show

"I felt comfortable in the class. You were pretty much working one-on-one. Even though there were maybe 15-20 people in the class, you always had a partner, someone to watch out for you."

Jose Claudio

"I am very impressed with my results from Monkey Bar Gym. I have become both leaner and stronger."

Ron Ramos

"MBG! It's complete, diversified, adaptable to your level of fitness but most of all, it is fun."

Julie Brisebois

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"Thanks to Louise, I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been"

Gabriela Steinmetz

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"Seven months in and I still look forward to going to the gym. Definitely the highlight of my day. Some mornings I may go in feeling a little slow and lethargic, but always leave feeling energetic and ready to face the day! "

Judith O'Donnell

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"Sweaty bliss! ...a step forward in the ever-changing world of fitness

Jenna Wolfe
Today Show

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